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1. How do I obtain a Right of Way permit?
2. When is the annual spring Clean-Up Week?
3. Will the Road and Bridge Department pick up my yard waste?
4. Who is responsible for the lights on Highway 6 and West Beaver Creek Blvd?
5. Who is responsible for maintaining the gutter, curb, sidewalk, storm ditch and the landscaping adjacent to the street?
6. Do I need to get a permit to do maintenance on the gutter, curb, sidewalk, storm ditch or landscaping adjacent to the street?
7. I would like to beautify the right-of-way abutting my property - what kind of plants or other materials can I place there?
8. Can I place lawn clippings, yard waste, or materials going to the dump in the storm ditch or along the right-of-way?
9. Can you make a specific sign that I’d like to recommend?
10. Can you put up a banner, lights, or a sign for me?
11. Is it possible to disable those noisy back-up alarms on plows and other heavy equipment?
12. What time of day does the town allow construction noise?
13. Who do I contact about a street light in Avon that needs attention?