Mia Sypniewski

Recreation Department
Title: Personal Trainer

Mia has an extraordinary passion for improving her client’s overall quality of life through proper exercise and nutrition by elevating energy levels, reducing fatigue, improving focus and positively impacting mindset and mental health.

As an athlete, Mia developed an interest in health and fitness at an early age and has continued to immerse herself in the fitness industry with relentless determination to not only continue her education, but to pass along her knowledge to others devoted to changing their lifestyle for the better.  Whether it is finding the time, being consistent, staying motivated, reaching your next level or learning ways to navigate the gym, Mia can help you find the tools to overcome the barriers and obstacles you may encounter on your journey to improving your health and fitness.

She specializes in body recomposition, fat loss, hypertrophy, and overall fitness. Nourish your mind, strengthen your body, and achieve a healthier lifestyle with Mia as your trainer!


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