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Online Parking Permit

  1. Do I need a parking permit or Right of Way Permit?

    Avon residents are expected to park their vehicles on their own property. Exceptions are allowed in order to facilitate special events held by residents when additional parking for guests’ passenger vehicles is needed and can be accommodated along the frontage of the property where the event is occurring.

    This exception is not intended for routine events, business activities, larger construction projects related parking, staging, storage, commercial vehicles, or on-going over-flow parking. 

    Permission for up to and including seven (7) days on-street parking, or for other uses of the public right-of-way, is available from the Avon Police Department. 

    However, if the construction or repaving project involves more than four (4) residences (fourplex) number of vehicles parked on the roadway, we ask you to apply for a Right-of-Way Use Permit through the Avon Public Works Department.  

    Town of Avon parking regulation 10.14.020 provides for an exception to the year round no parking on town streets ordinance. The exception requires the resident to contact the Police Department at least 24 hours in advance to obtain written permission to park vehicles on a street fronting the property of that property owner for a period of time not in excess of seven (7) days. The Police Department, in conjunction with this ordinance, requires the following regulations to obtain permission to park vehicles in compliance with this ordinance:

    1. Vehicles cannot park going the wrong way on the wrong side of the street.
    2. Vehicles must park off the paved portion of the roadway whenever possible. If the shoulder of the roadway is too narrow, then a vehicle can park with two wheels on the paved portion of the roadway providing there is at least two feet of clearance between the tires and the white fog line designating the edge of the travel lane.
    3. Vehicles cannot park within fifteen feet of fire hydrants, in driveways, blocking driveways, in private parking spaces of other residents of a multi-family unit, or in violation of any other town ordinance.
    4. Vehicles cannot park such that they block visibility of the traveling public for safe passage. This includes use by vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.
    5. Vehicles cannot park in ditches, snow storage areas, utility easements, drainage easements, slope stability easements or any areas in such a way that they compromise the function of the public land.
    6. There is no on-street parking on snow days. All temporary permits immediately expire upon snowfall.
    7. Drivers are responsible for site restoration (e.g., grading, revegetation) in the event that their use damages the physical condition of the unpaved roadside.
    8. It is the responsibility of the person requesting permission for on-street parking to ensure his or her guests are informed of the proper parking requirements.
    9. Vehicles are not allowed to park on the street under any circumstances between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am.
    10. Residents should complete the Online Parking Permit to obtain permission. All permits must be submitted for approval during normal business hours. Monday-Friday 8:00a.m.-4:00p.m. Any permits submitted after 4:00p.m Friday and before 8:00am. Monday, will be declined and permission to park will not be granted.
    11. Residents are required to place the printout of the Online Parking Application in the vehicle(s) window so that it can be seen by a Town of Avon employee.

    Residents will be contacted only if a parking permit is denied.

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