Contractor Information


Thank you for choosing Avon for your project. In order to promote a smooth project, the Town of Avon provides the Contractor Information Packet which has information on Avon’s policies and procedures for the imposition of sales tax on construction materials.
  • Avon charges sales tax on all construction materials sold within the municipal boundaries, including the delivery of construction materials to a job site in Avon.
  • All construction materials delivered to a job site within Avon are subject to Avon’s 4% sales tax, including construction materials sold by a vendor physically located outside of Avon’s town boundaries.
  • Avon also charges sales tax on all tangible personal property and construction materials installed on a job site in Avon by a “Retailer-Contractor”. A “Retailer-Contractor” is contractor who purchases tangible personal property at wholesale and then installs the tangible personal property on a property in Avon.


To meet Town of Avon filling requirements please review the following Contractor Information Packet. Please note:
  • Bids and cost estimates for your project should include Avon’s sales tax.
  • General Contractors and/or Project Managers should convey this information to their subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Each Contractor, Sub Contractor, Supplier or Retail Contractor doing business in Avon must have a Business License and Sales Tax License. Please register your business at Our online system allows you to obtain your license, file your returns and make payment in one place.