Public Works Department


The Public Works Department is responsible for the operational management and maintenance of the Town’s parks, open space, streetscape, hard and soft trails, Nottingham Lake, bridges, roads and streets, sidewalks, landscaping and storm water infrastructure. Five divisions within Public Works perform the following functions:
  • Public Operations: Provides and maintains public infrastructure, such as roads, drainage ways, and town facilities. Manages capital improvement projects, review construction documents, and assist in the planning for future infrastructure
  • Mobility: Oversees Avon's multimodal transportation programs such as alternative transportation and pedestrian mobility. Provides day-to-day fix-route bus service, strategic planning, budget development and management, establishment of performance goals/passenger feedback systems, maintains ADA certification and compliance, and transit vehicle procurement
  • Engineering: The Engineering Department is responsible for providing safe and adequate public facilities.
  • Fleet Maintenance: Performs all maintenance and repairs on Town vehicles, equipment, and multiple 3rd party customer vehicles.  Maintains and up-keep Fuel Island at swift Gulch including ordering/billing fuel usage
  • Facilities: Operates and maintains six major buildings, performance pavilion and other facilities 

Department Mission

To provide the highest quality public works services to the public and other Town departments,
balanced with efforts to maintain a cost-effective operation and to provide these services in a safe, responsible and efficient manner while continuing to find innovative ways to improve the delivery of services.

Department Vision Statement

To promote a high quality of life and a uniquely desirable community identity by providing exceptional public works services and fostering strong collaborative problem-solving strategies with the community and by treating everyone with fairness, dignity and respect.