General Election Information


The Town of Avon's elections are governed by Colorado Municipal Election Laws, except as otherwise provided by the Town Charter or as Council may prescribe by ordinance hereafter enacted.

All municipal elections shall be non-partisan. No candidate for any municipal office shall run under a party label of any kind.

For general election information, contact the Eagle County Clerk & Recorder's Office at 970-328-8715.

For Avon's election information, contact the Town Clerk's Office at 970-748-4001.

Campaign Reporting 

Avon’s Town Code Chapter 1.14 (Campaign Finance) sets forth the rules and guidelines applicable to campaign reporting for municipal elections that must be submitted to the Town Clerk. 

Issue Committees

  • What is an Issue Committee?

An issues committee is any person, other than a natural person, or any group of two or more persons, including natural persons whose major purpose is supporting or opposing a ballot issue or ballot question, and has either accepted contributions in excess of $200, or has printed 200 or more petition sections.

  • Do we have to register our Issue Committee with your office?

You must register an issue committee if you: (a) Are a group of two or more individuals (natural persons) or a business (or both), (b) Support or oppose a ballot issue or ballot question, and (c) and one of the following two criteria has been met: (i) You have accepted or made contributions or expenditures of $200 or more to support or oppose that ballot issue or ballot question, or (ii) You have printed more than 200 petition sections or more than 200 petition sections have been accepted.

  • Registration timeline and reporting requirements  

Each issue committee must register within 10 calendar days of accepting or making contributions or expenditures in excess of $200 to support or oppose any ballot issue or ballot question. Issue committees at the state, county, or special district level, or those active in multiple counties or special districts, register with and report to the Secretary of State. Municipal issue committees (those supporting or opposing ballot measures at the local municipal level only) register with the Avon Town Clerk. Foreign citizens, foreign governments, and foreign corporations may not register or maintain an issue committee.

  • How do I register a Municipal Issues Committee with your office?

You must download and complete Avon's Committee Registration Form and return it to the Avon Town Clerk's Office in person or by email to