Comprehensive Plan

About the Comprehensive Plan

Avon's Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2017, was awarded the Vernon Deines Award for Outstanding Small Town or Rural Plan by the prestigious American Planning Association. Avon's Comp Plan is an overarching plan that guides Avon's land use and development. The Comp Plan creates the goals and policies that encourage the type of growth and values that Avon citizens envisioned during the public comment process.

The Comprehensive Plan also establishes a vision for diverse opportunities for residents, businesses, and visitors. With obvious changes to the housing market in Avon since the adoption of the Comp plan, a significant amendment was made to address housing needs. It was becoming clear that the housing market is changing and now very few affordable opportunities for year-round residents to put down roots in Avon exist in 2022. The 2021 plan provides the updated guidance needed to reset the 2017 vision established in the Comp Plan. 

2021 Community Housing Plan

In 2021, Avon adopted the Community Housing Plan, which is utilized currently.  This plan aims to increase Community Housing efforts, including:

  • More housing choices; Increased economic stability and a more active year-round economy for local residents and businesses;
  • Greater ability to retain individuals and families throughout life and career phases, strengthening the sense of community, opportunity, and quality of life; 
  • Increase Community Housing supply for job recruitment purposes; 
  • Create Community Housing in closer proximity to job centers with pedestrian connections and availability of transit, in alignment with the Climate Action Plan goals; and 
  • More full time residents to sustain arts and culture activities.
Please contact the Planning Department if you have any questions regarding either the Comprehensive Plan or Community Housing Plan.

2017 Comprehensive Plan 2021 Community Housing Plan