Urban Renewal Authority

About AURA

The Avon Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) is a separate governmental entity created by the Town of Avon. AURA is responsible for conducting urban renewal activities throughout the Town of Avon.

AURA was created in August 2007 to help the Town of Avon improve its Town Center Core and includes plans to create a Main Street through both the East and West side of Avon, bringing a sense of community and cohesion to the Town.

AURA is governed by a seven member Board of Commissioners, appointed by the Mayor with approval of the Avon Town Council. The staff includes an Executive Director, who performs all administrative activities for AURA and serves as project manager for all ongoing projects and activities. The AURA Commissioners and staff are:

Sarah Smith Hymes, Chairperson
Eric Heil, Executive Director & Secretary
Scott Wright, Treasurer
Amy Phillips
Jennie Fancher
Tamra N. Underwood
Scott Prince
Jake Wolf
Chico Thuon