Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

The Town would like to remind residents of its “Dark Sky Preservation Initiative” to reduce offensive lighting sources and reduce light trespass beyond property lines.

As part of the “Dark Sky Preservation Initiative,” which is intended to help preserve Avon’s small town mountain character and the ability to view the stars against a dark sky, all outdoor lighting, including residential, must conform with the Town of Avon’s Outdoor Lighting Ordinance. These regulations include but are not limited to:
  • The style, color and design of the fixtures shall be compatible with the overall design concept and use of materials for the building and site area.
  • All lighting must be shielded so that the source of illumination is not visible from the property line in order to reduce glare and interference with boundary streets and adjacent properties. Light fixtures near adjacent property may require special shielding devices to prevent light trespass.
  • All outdoor lighting shall conform with the definition for full cut-off fixtures with the light source downcast and fully shielded (see complete ordinance for exceptions).

To the right are examples of light fixtures that do and do not meet the regulations stated in the Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.These examples are intended to be illustrative only. If you have doubts as to whether your lights meet these specifications, Town staff would be happy to conduct a simple audit and guide you to compliance.

The Community Development Department requires approval of any new fixtures to be installed.

Code enforcement is handled on a complaint only basis. If you see lighting that is glaring, or not fully downcast, please contact the Community Development Department at 748-4413 and report the address of the property. Town staff will follow-up with an inspection of the property and proceed with enforcement if found to be non-compliant.
Unacceptable Acceptable
Area Floodlights

Floodlight No

Floodlight Yes
*proper aiming is still required to prevent light trespass


spotlight yes
Yes *proper aiming is still required to prevent light trespass
Wall Packs
Wall Pack

Wall Pack yes

decorative no
*These fixtures may be acceptable if using a low wattage bulb.

Decorative Yes
Street Lighting

Street Light No


street light yes