Whitewater Park


The Whitewater Park was built in the fall of 2006 with natural boulders and natural looking pre-cast structures to maintain the native look and feel of the Eagle River. The three river features were built to perform optimally at different water levels so that recreational opportunities exist throughout the spring and summer.

Commercial raft trips, ranging from Class IV-III, run on sections of the Eagle River both above and below Avon’s Whitewater Park. In late September, once the kayaking season is over, exceptional fishing can be found in the Eagle River. The Whitewater Park provides the perfect location for an afternoon of fishing.
kayak in river1
Whether you are a seasoned paddler or a curious sightseer, Avon’s Whitewater Park offers an exhilarating and fun freestyle kayaking experience. Located just blocks south of the town center, directly under “Bob the Bridge” on Avon Road, Avon’s Whitewater Park is 350 feet in length.

The Park offers a spectator viewing terrace and large flat boulders along the river’s edge for seating. In keeping with the humor of the name of the bridge that hovers above the park, the three water features are aptly named, Baby Bob, Bob Jr., and Bob Sr. Whitewater Park offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced paddling opportunities.

The Avon Recreation Center partners with local outfitters to provide kayak lessons and water safety instruction at its indoor pool.


Parking for Avon's Whitewater Park is available at Beaver Creek's Elk Lot located on Highway 6. In addition, there is a drop-off location on the north side of Highway 6 just west of "Bob The Bridge."


Helmets and life jackets are recommended. The Eagle River is a high mountain stream and its water is cold. Please make sure to dress appropriately before entering the water. Water flows are monitored daily at a USGS station near the Whitewater Park.

Handicap Access

Further west of the viewing terrace, along the bike path, there is a wonderful mellow spot in front of the new Westin Riverfront Resort that works well for handicap access to the river for fishing or enjoyment.