Recruitment / Selection

Climb to New Heights

Become a member of the Avon Police Department. With some of the best training and equipment in law enforcement, as well as world-class skiing in our backyard, working for the Avon Police Department is more than a job. It’s a challenging and rewarding career.

We are continuously seeking out leaders who want to improve their lives and help others. Become a part of our team and make a difference in the community.

We are seeking experienced police officers who are Colorado POST certified or able to become CO POST certified to make a lateral transfer to our department. Salary is based upon your level of experience. If you are certified in another state and would like lateral certification to Colorado, please visit COLORADO POST for more information.

The Avon Police Department may also sponsor you to attend a local police academy while you are paid a police recruit salary. Internships are welcome for those seeking a career in law enforcement.

10 Steps to Becoming a Police Officer

The following are 10 steps to help you get started on a career with the Avon Police Department.

  • Step 1: Complete the Application--Download a JOB APPLICATION and mail it in to the Avon Police Department P.O. Box 975, Avon, CO 81620
  • Step 2: Physical Agility Test and Written Exam--The Physical Agility Test is offered only to those who first pass the written exam. The test is administered at the Avon Police Department. The STUDY GUIDE AND PRACTICE TEST can be purchased on Stanard and Associates, Inc. website. The practice test is $15 and the study guide is $5.
  • Step 3: Oral Board Interview
  • Step 4: Chief's Interview

 Qualified applicants are contacted a short time later (1-3 weeks) for initial interview.

  • Step 5: Background Questionnaire Investigation--A background packet is given to those who successfully complete both the written and agility exams. This packet should be completed by applicant and returned to the Avon Police Department for review.
  • Step 6: Polygraph Examination--Applicants will be given a polygraph examination (lie detector test) administered by a state licensed examiner. Test will confirm information noted on the applicant's background investigation packet.
  • Step 7: Psychological Test--Applicants will be evaluated by a licensed psychologist.
  • Step 8: Medical Examination--Applicants will undergo a complete medical examination given by a licensed physician.
  • Step 9: Controlled Substance Screening--Applicants will be required to submit to a urinalysis at some point in the hiring process.
  • Step 10: Comprehensive background investigation is conducted as part of the final hiring process.