Downtown Development Authority Formation

Proposed DDA Boundary Map -4-27-23

BOUNDARIES:  The proposed DDA area would encompass the West Town Center, East Town Center, and valley floor area of the Village (at Avon), as depicted above.

INTRODUCTION:  As the Heart of the Valley, the Town of Avon is home to many successful businesses and lodging properties. The Town would like to establish new funding sources for additional investment in Avon’s commercial core, and has therefore initiated the process to form a Downtown Development Authority (“DDA”).  No new or increased taxes are proposed as part of the formation of the DDA.   

COMMUNITY HOUSING: The primary purpose of the DDA is to provide additional funds to construct Community Housing. The shortage of affordable housing is at a crisis level and is directly impacting the ability of private and public employers in Avon to fill vacant employment positions. The shortage of affordable housing is also leading to increased employee turn-over and increased costs associated with recruiting and training new employees. 

PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS: A secondary purpose of the DDA is to provide additional funds for public improvements that benefit the health, vitality and success of the Avon commercial core. Public improvement projects may include public parking structures, enhanced streetscapes and pedestrian connections, early childhood education, expansion of the Avon Recreation Center, and construction of parks and trails amenities.

FUNDING: A DDA is authorized to capture the increment of new property taxes from new development and construction within the DDA area. This property tax increment can be pledged for the payment of municipal bonds to construct Community Housing and other approved public improvements. This form of financing is called Tax Increment Financing.

ELECTION AND ELIGIBLE VOTERS:   The formation of a DDA is subject to voter approval by the eligible voters within the DDA area. The Town intends to schedule a special election for August 29, 2023. Eligible voters within the DDA area include residents, property owners and business lessees within the proposed DDA boundary area. Eligible voting residents in the proposed DDA boundary must be U.S. citizens. Landowners and lessees, and entities (for example, a LLC or corporation) that are landowners or lessees, may vote by designating a person. The DDA election follows the “one person/one vote” rule, where even though a person or entity may be qualified to vote in more than one way, a person may only vote once. For example, if an entity owns multiple properties within the DDA, that entity may only cast one vote through a designated person, and any person designated to vote on behalf of an entity may not cast an additional ballot.

DDA GOVERNING BODY:   If the DDA formation is approved, then Avon Town Council appoints a Board of Directors of 5 to 11 members and comprised of residents and property owners within the DDA boundary and one member of the Town Council. The DDA Board reviews and approves the DDA Plan and projects that advance the DDA Plan in conjunction with the Avon Town Council and Planning and Zoning Commission.  

NEXT STEPS:  The next steps include the following outreach to eligible voters and review of the proposal:  

May 2    –        5:00 pm, Avon Town Hall: Avon Planning Commission work session

May 16  –        5:00 pm, Avon Town Hall: Avon Planning Commission review of Draft Development Plan

June 5  –         9:30 am, ON-LINE: Presentation and Question and Answer forum - Zoom Link 

Zoom Meeting ID: 898 3334 3126, Passcode: 048771, Find your local Zoom number

June 6   –        5:00 pm, Avon Town Hall: Avon Planning Commission recommendation to Council

June 13 –        5:00pm, Avon Town Hall: Council 1st reading of DDA Ordinance

June 27 –        5:00 pm, Avon Town Hall: Council 2nd and Final reading of DDA Ordinance

Aug 29  –        Special Election


Please contact the Town Officials listed in the right column or reach out to Kristin Kenney Williams at or 970-390-0062 with additional questions, thoughts, or your support!

  1. Patty McKenny

    Deputy Town Manager

  2. Miguel Jauregui

    Town Clerk