Recycling and Waste Diversion

Recycling and waste diversion is the easiest thing we, as individuals, can do to help our environment. It’s accessible to everyone, it saves energy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Although recycling is not the answer, it’s a proven step to the solution! We can make more radical changes by reducing and reusing, and educating ourselves and the community on waste management.

The nationwide average for Material Solid Waste (MSW) recycling is 34%. Colorado is well below that at 12%.
Eagle County recycles at more than twice the state-wide average, hitting 26% waste diversion in 2018. However, this still puts us well behind the nationwide rate with almost 10% more of our waste going to the landfill than the rest of the country’s average MSW diversion to recycling or compost facilities.

The Official Eagle County Recycling Guide can help you learn more. This document is also available in Spanish here.

  1. Charlotte Lin

    Charlotte Lin

    Sustainability Coordinator