Health & Recreation Committee

RJ Committee Purpose and Duties

The purposes and duties of the Ad Hoc Health and Recreation Committee are as follows:

  • To provide advice concerning Health and Recreation initiatives for the Town of Avon, as may be amended from time to time;
  • Review, research and study the Town of Avon’s health and recreation, including but not limited to: (1) “healthy community” issues, planning, policies and implementing strategies for improving overall community health, (2) comparisons to both incorporated and unincorporated peer communities of recreation facilities and programs and (3) the design, programming and estimated cost of recreational facility improvements including, but not limited to, remodeling and expansion of the Avon Recreation Center;
  • Conduct community outreach, studies and surveys to determine community preferences for recreation programming, recreation facilities and healthy community policies; 
  • Serve as a liaison to Eagle County healthy communities’ efforts; and
  • Provide recommendations to the Town Council concerning healthy community, recreation programming and recreation facilities. To perform such other tasks related to culture, arts and special events in or near Avon as the Avon Town Council may direct.
  • Resolution Adopting Ad Hoc Health and Recreation Committee

Members and Terms

The Ad Hoc Health and Recreation Committee is composed of five (5) to nine (9) voting members and two (2) Ex-Officio Non-Voting Council members appointed by Town Council. The current Health and Recreation Committee members and their respective terms are:

  • Kathy Ryan                 Term Expires January 2024   
  • Kevin Hyatt                 Term Expires January 2024
  • Lisa Post                     Term Expires January 2024
  • Nancy Tashman          Term Expires January 2024
  • Pam Warren               Term Expires January 2024
  • Patricia Nolan             Term Expires January 2024
  • RJ Andrade                 Council member

Health & Recreation Committee Minutes & Packet Materials