Avon Historical Markers

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Our Mountain Roots

The early Eagle River Valley was first inhabited by the Utes. These great Native American horsemen spent winters in the mild climate to the west and returned each summer to hunt mule deer, elk and the great buffalo.

The earliest Anglo-Americans visiting the area were probably hearty Mountain Men trapping beaver to supply fur for city folks’ fashionable top hats. Settlers arrived in the early 1880’s to homestead, farm and ranch the land. By the 1920’s head lettuce was the crop of choice in Avon, and through the years, Avon land produced cattle, sheep, hay, potatoes, peas and oats.

By 1972, Vail had become one of the top destination ski resorts in the country and pressure mounted “down valley” in Avon for ranch land to be developed. The Town of Avon was incorporated on February 24, 1978. The new town was comprised of the land in present day central and western Avon including the area that soon became Nottingham Park.

Avon Historical Markers:

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