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The Town of Avon seeks to build upon a long history as a high amenity year-round resort community, strengthening its vibrant and inclusive community culture.

Current Housing Initiatives

Swift Gulch Housing
Swift Gulch Concept Plans

Mi Casa Deed Restriction Program

¡Mi Casa Avon! is a program to incentivize prospective homebuyers to place a deed restriction on their property to ensure more permanent residents have an opportunity to purchase homes within Avon. 

There is no price appreciation cap on a ¡Mi Casa Avon! Deed Restriction. This deed restriction is an agreement between you, the new homebuyer, and the Town of Avon that limits the use of your property. In this case, the deed restriction limits the ownership and use of the property to Eagle County employees. In exchange for the deed restriction, the Town of Avon pays you a lump sum through the ¡Mi Casa Avon! Program to help offset your purchase. 

Swift Gulch Housing

The Town of Avon is working on plans to build apartment homes on Town-owned land on Swift Gulch Road. This project aims to provide housing for government employees in Eagle County with income-based rental rates. The Town contracted with 2757 Design Co. in October 2021 to begin preliminary designs and estimates for this project. Several site and building configurations have been studied to maximize the number of units.  Preliminary design work indicates the possibility of 40-65 units.

Live Outside of Avon? 

Connect with the Eagle County Housing Authority for other programs and opportunities through the Valley Home Store for areas like Eagle-Vail, Edwards, and the Town of Eagle.

In Vail? Connect with the Vail Housing Authority

Housing Documents & Links

Compliance Forms

Mi Casa Compliance

General Deed Restriction Compliance

2023 Avon Community Housing Policies

Avon Community Housing Policies 2023

2021 Community Housing Plan 

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Average Median Income Rental and Housing Chart

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Community Survey

The current housing market, which offers very few affordable opportunities for year-round residents to put down roots in Avon, poses a challenge to this vision. The Avon Town Council has identified housing as a pressing community topic and in the 2021 Avon Community Survey, respondents agreed:

  • Do you feel there are sufficient housing opportunities for locals in Avon? • Yes: 23.6%; No: 76.4% 
  • Should the Town of Avon prioritize investment in Community Housing to increase Community Housing opportunities? • Yes: 73.8%; No: 26.2%

Based on this direction, the Town of Avon prioritized housing as an important part of caring for the community and keeping Avon accessible and enjoyable for those who want to live here. The 2021 Avon Community Housing Plan was approved by Town Council Ordinance 2021-13 on October 26, 2021 to guide the Town in addressing housing needs. The Plan outlines future goals and action items as well as current housing-related programs.

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