Community Grant Program

Welcome to the Town of Avon Community Grant Program! The Town of Avon accepts applications for community grant funding from non-profit organizations that provide programs and services in the areas of arts, culture, education, environment, health, heritage, housing, human services and recreation. The overall intent of this program is to provide financial support to programs and services that benefit the Avon community which are not otherwise provided through the Town of Avon municipal government. 

Community Grant Applications are reviewed on an annual basis. Grant funding is prioritized and approved through our annual budgeting process. Applications must be submitted electronically no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 1, 2023. Notices are not sent to past funding recipients. Interested organizations must reapply for any additional funding request.

An Ad Hoc Community Grant Review Committee will review all applications and make funding recommendations to the Avon Town Council. Funding decisions are based on the completeness of the application, supporting documentation, eligibility, compliance with review guidelines, recommendation from the Ad Hoc Grant Review Committee and availability of funds. The Grants Review Committee does not anticipate conducting presentation meetings with applicants; however, the Grants Review Committee may have questions or requests for additional information from applicants prior to convening as a Committee to review applications.

The Avon Town Council approved $120,000 for community grants in 2023. This funding level is anticipated in 2024, but it is not guaranteed and is at the complete discretion of the Town Council.  The Ad Hoc Review Committee’s funding recommendations will be incorporated into the annual proposed budget. Council will take final action on the 2024 budget in December, 2023. Applicants may receive full funding, partial funding or no funding. The Town of Avon reserves the sole right and discretion to determine the level of funding for all community grant applications.

The 2024 Community Grant Program Application is available here.


If you have any questions, please feel welcome to call 970-748‐4087 or email 

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Applications must meet the following minimum requirements to eligible: 

  1. Applications must be complete and received by the Closing Date.
  2. The applicant must be a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization in good standing with the IRS, State of Colorado and Town of Avon, and all funding-related local, state and federal agencies. The applicant must be registered as a Colorado nonprofit organization with the Colorado Secretary of State and be organized in the State of Colorado in order to be considered a nonprofit organization.
  3. The application must propose a service or program that is offered to and benefits the Avon community, including residents and businesses. 
  4. Grant requests may not exceed $10,000 per organization.
  5. Grant funds may not be used for political or religious purposes.


The Grant Committee will use the following review guidelines to evaluate eligible applications and provide funding recommendations:

  1. The application proposes a program or service that supports arts, culture, education, environment, health, heritage, housing, human services or recreation in the Town of Avon.
  2. The proposed program or service meets a need in the Avon community that is not met by other existing organizations, by the Town of Avon, or by other local, state or federal governments.
  3. The proposed program or service will not directly or unreasonably compete with existing private businesses in Avon.
  4. The applicant demonstrates a need for financial assistance.
  5. Applications that request one-time funding to provide a new or expanded program or service will be evaluated on the level of matching funds from other sources and on the likelihood of success of the new or expanded program.
  6. The applicant demonstrates broad community financial partnerships. (Applications which demonstrate broad community partnerships and funding contributions from multiple sources will be viewed favorably. Applications which involve services or programs that serve a region greater that the Town of Avon should include financial contributions from other communities and neighborhoods.)
  7. The application proposes clearly defined goals and outcomes which can be measured, including evaluation of benefits to Avon community (e.g. number of Avon residents served).
  8. The application requests financial support that is proportionate to the expected benefits for the Avon community.
  9. The applicant has a capable organizational structure to provide the stated programs or services and to comply with grant reporting requirements (consideration will be given to the length of time for the organization and staffing resources).