Art Around Avon

The Art Around Avon is a new program which launched in June 2021. Artists will display nine (9) visual sculpture art pieces in outdoor spaces throughout Town. The pieces will be on exhibition in an outdoor location for up to twelve (12) months during which time the artist may make the work available for sale.

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The enhancement of public places by integrating the creative work of artists improves the pedestrian experience and promotes vibrancy, creativity and livelihood in the community. The presence of and access to public art enlivens public areas and their grounds and makes them more welcoming. It creates a deeper interaction with the places where we live, work, and visit. Public art illuminates the diversity and history of a community, and points to its aspirations for the future.  

Our CASE Manager is here for sales information and to answer any questions you may have.

Art Around Avon Photo Glossary:

Sunrise/Sunset (Sawblade)202106_jonresnick-55
Baby Buffalo202106_jonresnick-51
Sunrise/Sunset (Sawblade)
Matthew Duffy
Welded Laser-Cut Stainless Steel, Enamel, 5.5' X 8' x 18"
Joe Burleigh
Painted and Patina'd Steel
122" X 27" X 27"
Baby Buffalo
Cha Cha Hertz
1/4" Steel
28" X 17" X 16"
Low-Poly Open Heart (RIDE)202106_jonresnick-17
Cold Moon202106_jonresnick-27
Low-Poly Open Heart (RIDE)
Matthew Duffy
Hydro-Cut Welded Aluminum Diamondplate, Tractor Paint, 5' X 5' X 2.5'
Cold Moon
Sandy Friedman
12' X 6' X 6'
Charlotte Zink
Steel and Enamel
96" X 36" X 36"
Picasso's Chair202106_jonresnick-34
Apollo's Journey202106_jonresnick-19
Abundance Tree202106_jonresnick-11
Picasso's Chair
Janene DiRico-Cable
Mild Steel, Powder-Coated
84" X 51" X 0.4"
Apollo's Journey
Annette Coleman
Montage Stained Glass Mosaic Sculpture with Metal Base, 104" X 34"' X 20"
Abundance Tree 
Charlotte Zink
Steel and Enamel
120" X 42" X 33"