Capital Improvement Projects

West Benchmark Road

The Town recently finalized construction of 26 on-street parking spaces along West Benchmark Road, sidewalk realignment by Mikaela Way, construction of an underground water quality vault, and drainage improvements to prevent the flooding of the Avon Public Library’s lower floor area. The stormwater quality vault collects runoff from Mikaela Way, the Recreation Center parking lot and the Avon Town Hall parking lot to remove pollutants before discharging into the Eagle River. The project budget, as approved by the Avon Town Council, was $581,000.

Old Town Demolition

Old Town Hall will be demolished in Spring 2021. A major component of the project includes asbestos mitigation work.  The site will be regraded, with a future use and design exercise scheduled for Spring and Summer 2021.  
Project Map West Benchmark Road
Town Hall Sign No Snow

Avon Road/I-70 Interchange Pedestrian Improvements

The pedestrian experience along Avon Road underneath I-70 is important because it connects the Nottingham Road trail, Swift Gulch Road trail and the Nottingham Road neighborhood with the Town Core.  It has poor connectivity; and winter icing issues. The project will widen the path on the west side separating it from traffic and improve the drainage. The final cost will be $990,000. 

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Yoder Avenue Asphalt Overlay project

The project generally consists of asphalt milling, demolition, and curb and gutter repair.  Yoder Ave. runs from Post Blvd to Home Depot. The budget for this project is $200,000.

Eaglebend Drive Overlay Project

The project consists of asphalt milling, demolition and new asphalt overlay.  Eaglebend Drive runs from Hurd Lane/Stonegridge Drive east to the cul de sac. The budget for this project is $200,000.

2020 Street Improvements Map