CLEER Building Energy Navigator

CLEER Building Energy Navigator Monitoring System

In 2018, the Town installed the Clean Energy Economy of the Region (CLEER) Building Energy Navigator monitoring system for major buildings of the Town to create a baseline of electric energy use and for daily energy efficiency monitoring. The following Town buildings are monitored: Recreation Center, Mobility Center, Fleet Maintenance Building, Police Station and Town Hall.

CLEER developed the Building Energy Navigator to provide an affordable portal to building energy use and solar production data for the local government partners. The Building Energy Navigator website imports energy bill data and displays it in month, year and multi-year time frames. On-screen buttons zoom in or out on the time scale, and display energy use by BTUs, dollars or carbon emissions. 

For the Town's facilities, on-site data-loggers relay energy use to the Navigator system in 15-minute intervals. Town staff can log in to see weather and occupancy variables, and measure the effects of operational adjustments.

To view Avon's energy usage and spending at the five facilities listed above, please visit