A few friendly reminders as the summer season gears up: 

    • Noxious weeds like milk thistle are required to be removed. It is the property owners or occupant’s responsibility to control the infestation of noxious weeds and undesirable plants. A warning notice is issued to properties out of compliance. Failure to comply within specified time period will result in the Town’s Public Works Department implementing weed control at the expense of the property owner.
    • Ditch maintenance will begin in April through September. Town staff will be cleaning and repairing ditches, so please keep ditches clear as items may be removed.
    • Wildfire risk may be elevated this year due to dry conditions. Be aware of fire risks and restrictions. Use www.ecalert.org for emergency notifications. Eagle River Fire Protection District offers homeowners free personalized Fire Risk Assessments for your property. During a Home Fire Risk Assessment, members of ERFPD will visit your home to focus on identification and awareness of the potential fire risks specific to your home, as well as what you can do to reduce or prevent the occurrence of a fire or other emergency situation. To schedule a personalized Home Fire Risk Assessment, contact (970) 736-3103 or tleclair@eagleriverfire.org.
    • All outdoor lighting is required to be dark sky friendly. Schedule a visit by Town staff to verify your compliance by calling (970) 748-7023, or email cmcwilliams@avon.org.
    • Exterior modifications and improvements require town approval (i.e. landscaping, decks, color changes). Visit Avon.org/planning for required forms and fees.
    • Parking is allowed in approved locations only. If you anticipate overflow, please visit avon.org/forms.aspx?fid=42 and fill out a Parking Permit. Contact the Police Department at least 24 hours in advance to obtain written permission to park vehicles on a street fronting the property for a period of time not in excess of six hours.
    • West Avon Preserve trails open April 14. Rules can be found at avon.org/907/Biking-and-Hiking-Trails.
    • Town Clean Up Week will be May 21— 25, 2018. Town Council members will be participating in the cleanup on May 24. Disposal of qualified items is free. To initiate a pick-up, call Avon Public Works at (970)748-4100 and leave a message with the item(s) requiring disposal and requested pick up date, and place the items curbside. Qualifying items include: most used appliances, furniture, yard waste, regular garbage, and other items routinely accepted at the landfill.
    • Please join the Avon Town Council and USFS representatives on May 8, 2018 at the Avon Town Council meeting to discuss winter access from Wildridge. The Town would like your input prior to proceeding with further studies and environmental review. Snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles are currently restricted to Berry Creek/June Creek when accessing lands to the north. For consideration is USFS #779 (Metcalf Creek) or 717.1B (June Creek connector off June Creek Trail Rd) to enter the forest. This would involve closing the current Berry Creek access in the winter. The meeting will take place at One Lake Street. For further information, please contact Matt Pielsticker at (970) 748 4413 or mpielsticker@avon.org.