Sales Tax

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Sales Tax Voluntary Disclosure (VDA) Program


A 4% sales tax is imposed upon the gross receipts of all retail sales and sales of personal property within the boundaries of the Town.

The tax is also imposed on amounts paid for all meals furnished at restaurants, upon lodging services and upon the rental fee for the rental of personal property.

The tax is also levied on the price paid for the leasing and rental of accommodations located in the Town.

The Town of Avon does not collect a Use Tax and does not exempt construction materials from sales tax. Contractors need to pay sales tax to vendors for all taxable materials. All materials delivered to a job site located within the Town of Avon will be subject to the Town's 4% sales tax. 

A 40% sales tax is imposed upon the gross receipts of all tobacco product sales, excluding cigarettes. A $4.00/pack (20c/cigarette) excise tax is imposed on the sale of cigarettes. $1.00 is collected on behalf of Eagle County and $3.00 is collected on behalf of the Town of Avon.

Sales Tax License

A new online system has been implemented that will allow you to obtain your license, file your returns and make payment in one place. Please register your business at

Registration of your business and a sales tax license must be obtained prior to opening your business or making any sales in Avon. There is no fee to obtain the license. Once a license is issued, you will be able to file your returns and make payment online.

How to Report Your Taxes

Sales and utility taxes are reported on one form while accommodations taxes and tobacco/cigarette taxes are reported on separate forms. Sales and excise tax returns and payment of tax shall be filed online by the 20th of each month.

Detailed information on Sales, Cigarette and Tobacco, and Accommodations Tax can be found in the Town of Avon Municipal Code Chapters 3.08, 3.10 and 3.28 respectively.

You can get information on a Colorado sales tax license by following the link provided.

Questions may be directed to (970) 748-4046 or by email.

Changing or Closing Your Business

If you would like to make a change to or cancel your business license complete the Change/Close form and email it to, mail it to P.O. Box 975 Avon, CO 81620 or deliver it in person to 100 Mikaela Way in Avon.