Engineering Department


The Engineering Department is responsible for providing safe and adequate public facilities. The department provides the following services: 
  • Manages the construction of public infrastructure and Capital Investment Projects,
  • Maintains drainage ways and structures,
  • Monitors traffic flows and coordinates traffic counts throughout town,
  • Maintains Avon's Heat Recovery System,
  • Monitors water rights as they relate to existing and future development; and
  • Provides technical support services to other departments.

2020 Town  Construction Projects 

The Town has several Capital projects that should interest residents and guests. They include:

  • Study and Schematic Design of West Main Street:  The Town master plans envision extending Main Street from Mikaela Way to Lake Street.  There have been recent changes to the area including the vacating of 351 Benchmark, the former fire station.  This plan will study the area and create a vision for extending the mall and 351 Benchmark Road site.  The budget is $50,000.
  • Old Town Hall Demolition: Old Town Hall, located at 1 Lake Street, is proposed to be demolished in 2020. Demolishing the building necessitates extending a water main, relocating electrical equipment attached to or in the building that supplies power to the entire park, installation of a new fiber optic line from New Town Hall to the stage, removal of asbestos, and grading out the site. The budget is $600,000.
  • Benchmark Road On-Street Parking:  Several Town plans envision adding on street parking to West Benchmark Road from Avon Station to Mikaela Way.  The goal is for the parking to support local businesses and provide parking for Avon Station and the Gondola.  The design will incorporate environmentally sustainable practices to minimize the effect of the additional paved area.  The budget is $440,000.
  • Nottingham Park Light Upgrade:  The existing lights were originally installed in 1980 and show signs of wear and tear along with not being energy efficient.  The program will replace the lights with modern, LED bollard fixtures, similar to the ones installed around the pavilion and Main Street Mall.  This is the second phase of a multi-year project and will install the bollards on the southside of the park.  The budget is $185,000.
  • Annual Paving/Road Improvements:  The Town’s annual street resurfacing and pavement maintenance program generally consists of asphalt overlays, slurry seals and related surface treatments such as curb and gutter, storm drainage repair, ADA Ramp updates and guardrail replacement or adjustment.  The program includes a 5-year slurry seal rotation and 20-year rebuild rotation for the roads.   The paving locations are determined annually based on the Asphalt Paving Association rating system.  2020 projects include paving Eaglebend Drive, Yoder Avenue and West Benchmark Road.
  • Avon Stormwater Quality Vault:   The strategic plan states that the water quality in the Eagle River is high priority for the Town and its vitality.  A stormwater quality underground vaults that will collect pollutants including trash, oils and other pollutants before they are discharged to the river.  The vaults will be located on the east and west sides of Avon Road before it discharges into the river.  The budget is $231,000.
  • Nottingham Road Debris Flow Study and Implementation:  Currently after large rainstorms, the runoff transports large amounts of mud and debris on Nottingham Road, overwhelming the ditches and closing the road.  This project started with a study analyzing the drainages and proposing remediation alternatives and will likely continue through 2025.  The budget is $450,000.