Engineering Department


The Engineering Department is responsible for providing safe and adequate public facilities. The department provides the following services: 
  • Manages the construction of public infrastructure and Capital Investment Projects,
  • Maintains drainage ways and structures,
  • Monitors traffic flows and coordinates traffic counts throughout town,
  • Maintains Avon's Heat Recovery System,
  • Monitors water rights as they relate to existing and future development; and
  • Provides technical support services to other departments.

2021 Town  Construction Projects 

The Town has several Capital projects that should interest residents and guests. They include
  • Underpass Project: The goal of the Underpass Project is to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety along Avon Road at the I70 underpass. The current schedule is to start the Underpass Project in mid-August and complete the project by November 1st. The work is being completed by Gould Construction. The project budget is $1,051,835.
  • Harry A. Nottingham Park West Landscape Improvements Project: This project generally consists of updating the landscaping at the entrance near the Avon Elementary School, creating a sports court walkway, building an east side entry plaza, and replacing the softball infield.  The existing landscaping in the area was originally installed in 1995 and is due for a full replacement and upgrade. The current schedule is to begin work the project in mid-April and complete the project by July 1st. The project budget is $318,000.