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Tract G
Tract G Land Uses
With the recent construction of the Main Street Mall and Performance Pavilion, the town is reviewing its adopted land use plan for 'Tract G' which encompasses the current site of the Town Hall, Fire Station, Harry A. Nottingham Park, Recreation Center, and surrounding street parking, including the public lots, to identify the best public uses on Town-owned lands and to explore the question:

"If Town Hall, including the Police Department and Fire Station are relocated, what other public facilities and amenities could be considered at the current sites?"

Sites also under consideration include Lot 5, east of Home Depot, and town owned property at Swift Gulch behind the transit facility.

Town staff retained Stan Clauson Associates to assist with land use planning options for Tract G. The consultants prepared a report titled "Planning Review & Update - Harry A. Nottingham Park Master Plan, Swift Gulch Master Plan, Lot 5 Development Plan" for the purpose of providing a review of existing conditions of each of the sites as well as recommendations for uses.

Supporting documentation includes a Walkability Study which aimed to help Avon identify how to improve economic vitality, social connections and equity by addressing obstacles to walkability in the town core.

Additionally, the Town commissioned a detailed Space Needs Analysis and Facility Assessment for the Town Hall and Avon Police. The Facility Assessment analyzed the building structure and systems along with options for maintenance, renovation or replacement. The Space Needs Analysis examined current and future space requirements for the departments and services currently operating out of Town Hall. Town Council requested the study to assist in making decisions regarding Town Hall and a proposed Public Safety Facility on the north side of Interstate 70.