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Avon Town Brand
Brand Story
Avon is a Colorado mountain town with a difference. While its ranching and farming history runs deep, the town’s more recent evolution into a resort community has lent it an intangible energy. A sense of promise and potential. The type of optimism and openness to change that is reserved for the young. This is a town on a mission. A community with initiative that verges on impatience. Its energy is derived from the magical combination of a place gifted with the Rocky Mountain’s majestic beauty and pristine wilderness, and the undeniable passion of the people who are drawn to it. Fed by the adventure found on the slopes of its neighboring ski resorts, at the edges of its sparkling rivers, and in the boundless open spaces that surround the town, Avon’s residents boast a lifestyle that most only dream of. It’s a place where earnings are supplemented with commute-free mornings, powder days, million dollar views, lunch breaks taken on river walks or biking trails and an intangible small-town feel that somehow makes its residents richer. And from this collective, intangible wealth springs a vision for Avon. It is a desire to make a difference. A need to create a better place for both its people and its visitors. Avon’s vision is unifying—a focus on strengthening its businesses, retail and service offerings, but it’s also a focus on connecting its neighborhoods with its nature—bringing them all together on pathways and in gathering spaces that invite both visitors and residents to celebrate their surroundings.

Avon’s reputation was built as the gateway to Beaver Creek, and its vision is a complement to this world-renowned resort that it flanks. Avon adds another dimension to the resort experience—an enriched and diverse collection of experiences that are defined by their genuine flavor, and enhanced by both Avon’s spectacular natural environment and vibrant local community. Family-inspired events and activities at Nottingham Park pair with lively bistro patios on the community’s walkways. Local artisan markets meld with major outdoor music festivals and its annual fireworks extravaganza. The Walking Mountains Science Center’s Interpretive walks networks with freshly forged mountain bike trails. And the Vail Leadership Institute’s programming draws thought leaders and taps potential from urban centers and start-up ecosystems. Each of these elements serve to unite a community and its visitors in the common desire for a vibrant, genuine, progressive experience in a true mountain town. Avon’s positioning as a gateway to Beaver Creek gives way to this vision. Residents grow roots that sprout families and community pride. Visitors no longer simply pass through, but instead linger and return again and again for the opportunity to call this place home, if only for a short time. Avon...has arrived.

Brand Promise
Avon is more than a mountain town. And more than a mountain destination. It is a vibrant and diverse year-round, resort community defined by its spectacular surroundings and genuine local character.

Brand Positioning
For those seeking vibrant and inspiring Rocky Mountain experiences in a comfortable, unpretentious, small-town setting, Avon is a year-round mountain resort community and the gateway to the world-renowned Beaver Creek Resort. It is a town that connects the shared values of both its residents and visitors, creating a one-of-a-kind place to visit, work, grow a business, raise a family and play in a spectacular outdoor setting.

Brand Character
Entrepreneurial and energetic

Optimistic and open to change

Appreciative and proud

Nature-loving and adventurous

Comfortable and unpretentious
Welcoming and engaging

Community-minded and family-oriented

Complementary and connected to its resort neighbors

Progressive and ecologically aware

Brand Voice
Smart yet down-to-earth 

Vibrant and positive 

Unpretentious and inclusive

Light-hearted and good-humored

Grateful and proud

Avon Logo Application
Avon logos with and without tagline image
The Avon Logo has strict and specific application guidelines to ensure brand consistency.

The Avon logo is available in many formats. EPS formats are available for download from this site in three color PMS format.

Avon Logo with Tagline - three color EPS

Avon Logo without Tagline - three color EPS