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Animal Control
Avon has several laws regarding pets and their care in public and private places. These laws are strictly enforced.

All pets must be under the control of the owner by physical restraint by means of leash, cord or chain no longer than ten (10) feet in length at all times while in Avon. It is the duty of any owner or keeper to keep the animal under control to prevent the animal from:
  • Running at large
  • Becoming a danger to persons or property
  • Trespassing on the property of another
  • Being a public nuisance
  • Being a danger to themselves and traffic

Pet Waste
Pet owners must promptly remove fecal waste from public parks or other landscaped public area within the Town and deposit it in a proper trash container. All parks in Avon conveniently provide "mutt mitt" stations, which provide plastic bags to dispose of waste material.

Special Events
Dogs are not permitted in Nottingham Park or in the Main Street Mall during special events. This is true even if the dog is on a leash. Please leave your pets at home when attending an Avon special event.

Construction Sites
It is unlawful for a dog owner or keeper to allow an animal to enter or remain on a construction site unless it is restrained by a leash, chain or cable of not more the ten (10) feet in length, or it is contained in a secure animal enclosure.

Animals in Vehicles
It is unlawful for a dog owner to leave within the open portion of a vehicle parked on public property a dog that is creating a danger to person, property, or both in the immediate vicinity. It is also unlawful to leave any animal confined within a vehicle so as to place the animal in undue stress or danger of extremes in temperatures.

Pet Safety Message from Eagle County ecotv18 on Vimeo.