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Avon Regional Transportation Facility
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The Avon Regional Transportation Facility is a transportation-related facility built to accomodate the provision of municipal services for transit, road maintenance, trails maintenance, and general facility and grounds maintenance.

Completed in the fall of 2013, the Avon Regional transportation Facility allows the Town of Avon and Eagle County’s ECO Transit to provide and support the transit needs of our community through increased transportation capacity, mobility and connectivity. This joint facility houses ECO Transit buses to serve up-valley transit users in addition to Avon’s bus fleet.

The Facility Features:
  • Indoor parking for 24 buses with outdoor parking for four more
  • A large-vehicle wash and service bay
  • Money room, break room, and radio dispatch office
  • 6,000 square feet of office space for transit operations and public works
  • New fueling stations for gasoline and diesel
  • More efficient site design and new pavement 

Build Green
The Town Council directed staff to use sustainable products and other “green” elements in the design and construction of the building. There are numerous “green” options that were incorporated without significantly increasing the capital costs, such as recycled asphalt, storm-water management, energy efficient HVAC systems, and local materials. A photovoltaic system and solar thermal heating systems were included in the design to be installed at a later date.

Fun Facts
  • How tall is the building? 50 feet.
  • How big is the building? 33,000 square feet
  • How many pounds of concrete were used to build the facility? 1,180 cubic yards, 2,261 tons, 4,522,000 pounds
  • How many I-beams were used: Approximately 171 steel I-beams
  • How many tons of dirt were moved/removed?  18,058 tons
  • How much glass is in it?  2,144 square feet
  • How big are the gas tanks?  10,000 gallon unleaded, 20,000 gallon diesel
  • How many gas tanks? 2  tanks: 1 unleaded and 1 diesel,  with 3 dispensers: 1 unleaded and 1 diesel outside and 1 diesel inside
  • How tall is the awning over the gas pumps?  18 feet
  • What is the concrete strength, PSI?  4,000 psi minimum (specification), 4,500 psi mix design