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Group and Private Tennis Lessons

Join Pedro for a Summer of Serves, Slams, and Smiles!

Pedro is a long time local in the Valley and loves passing along his knowledge and excitement for not only tennis, but also soccer and basketball.

Pedro competed at the national level for tennis between the ages of 12 and 18 in Mexico. He has since become a USTA certified instructor and coach

Pedro enjoys teaching and coaching youth and adult participants in many sports and enjoys anything that keeps him active in his free time.



This class is designed for the person who has never played tennis, or has very little tennis experience. This class focuses on the “fun”damentals.

Teaching the basics and having a great time with the instructor are the cornerstones of this class. Players learn all the strokes properly. They learn scoring and basic strategy.


This class is designed for the person who has had some basic instruction in tennis and some playing experience.

They may need to improve their technique or consistency with certain shots and will benefit from tips and strategies on shot selection and working with a partner in doubles. Players should be able to sustain a rally with their groundstrokes hitting at a medium pace.


This class is designed for the person who can sustain rallies while hitting at a moderate pace using depth and directional control. Their lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys are fairly successful. They will benefit from tips and strategies on how to set up and close out points and more advanced doubles strategies. 


For more information, contact the Avon Recreation Center Front Desk at 970-748-4060