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Development Applications & Fees
General Information
All applications require a pre-application conference with Staff to determine the proper process and fee.To schedule a pre-application conference please contact the Community Development Department, at 970-748-4030.

The Community Development Department uses the Avon Development Code (Chapter 7) and the Building Code (Chapter 15) to review applications.

Most Planning and Subdivision fees involve an initial deposit that Staff bills hourly against. If the billable hours exceed the initial deposit, then additional deposits will be required. If the billable hours are less than the initial deposit, then the remaining deposit will be refunded. Please review the Application Fee Schedule to determine the initial deposit required.

Planning Applications

General Application Forms

Application Submittal Checklists & Flow Charts

Building Applications

In order to perform contractor duties within the Town of Avon, the contractor must be licensed with the Town. Please contact the Community Development Department at (970) 748-4030 if you are unsure as to whether your registration is current or if you need to register. Registration is valid for one year.