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Business License
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For assistance registering your account, obtaining a license or remitting your fees call (888) 751-1911 or email .

Before conducting any retail business, engaging in any business activity or advertising for short term rentals within the Town of Avon, a business license is required as outlined in Avon's Municipal Code Chapter 5.04.

Business licenses are issued by the Finance Department with the approval of the Community Development Department. Registration of the Business and payment of the Business License Fee is required prior to the license being issued.

Types of Licenses
In-Town Business - operated from a fixed location, include but are not limited to: Retail stores, lodges, hotels, motels, time-share operators, boarding houses, condo-hotel operators and bed and breakfast establishments. This does not include in-home occupations.

In-Home Business Occupation - operated from a residential structure in a residential district within the Town.

Accommodation Short-Term Rental - Every person who advertises for rent an accommodation unit(s) or room(s) used for accommodation for a total continuous duration of less than thirty (30) days. The Avon Business License number shall be displayed in the advertisement, see Avon's Municipal Code Section 5.04.050.

Vendor - any person delivering goods, performing services (excluding wholesale delivery) or otherwise engaged in business within the Town without a permanent location within the Town.  This includes:        

Questions may be directed to (970) 748-4019 or by email.