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For Immediate Release | April 2, 2018    

Report from the March 27th Avon Town Council Meeting

Town of Avon Town-Owned Properties Plan, funding for Hahnewald Barn Relocation and Beaver Creek Boulevard Streetscape Improvements discussed

Avon, CO – The Avon Town Council held a regular meeting on March 27th. Highlights of the meeting include the following:
  • First Reading Ordinance 18-03, Adopting the Town of Avon Town-owned Properties Plan
Council approved the First Reading of Ordinance 18-03, adopting the Town-Owned Properties Plan and setting a public hearing for April 10th. Some of the final requested changes to the document include:
  • Recognizing the old Town Hall, old Fire Station, Library, and Recreation Center as a joint planning area for Cultural/Economic Development/Educational/Entrepreneurial uses
  • Converting 1st floor of Wildridge Fire Station to a multi-use community space
  • Temporary Housing opportunities at the “School Site” at Post Blvd. and E. Beaver Creek Blvd.
  • Evaluating closure of Mikaela Way when connecting the Main Street Pedestrian Mall to Nottingham Park.
First Reading of Ordinance 18-03 was continued from the March 13th Council meeting, to allow more time for Council to address a number of suggested changes to the plan. The Properties Plan may be viewed in its entirety at
  • Direction regarding Funding Preference and Amount not to be Exceeded for the Hahnewald Barn Relocation and Repurposing
Council reviewed a series of funding sources for the relocation and repurposing of the Hahnewald Barn to Harry A. Nottingham Park. Consultants to the Council have developed a relocation plan and developed an Estimate of Probable Costs totaling $6,300,000 for the relocation, vertical construction, site costs and demolishing of the current Town Hall.  Fees for architects and engineers, are estimated to range from $317,000 to $380,000. Geotechnical and other consultant costs have not yet been determined.  Potential funding sources include, but are not limited to, issuance of a voter approved general obligation bond, use of certificate of participation financing, with or without voter approval, or cash funding through an appropriation from the Capital Projects Fund, General and/or Urban Renewal Funds.  Private fundraising and grant research are also potential sources. No decision was made on a funding source for the project.
  • Review and Approval of the Hahnewald Barn Request for Proposals Release
At the March 13th Council meeting, Council directed Town staff to prepare a Request for Proposals (RFP) for architectural and engineering services for the relocation and repurposing of the Hahnewald Barn. On March 27th, Council reviewed the RFP and directed Town staff to work with members of the Avon Historic Preservation Advisory Board to finalize the RFP for review at the April 10th Council meeting.  Based upon the project’s Estimated Probable Cost of $6,300,000, fees for services are estimated to range from $317,000 to $380,000.
  • Notice of Award for Beaver Creek Boulevard Streetscape Improvements Project
After receiving two bids for the Beaver Creek Boulevard Streetscape Improvements Project, the low bid for construction is above the current $2,897,550 remaining budget for the project, as approved in the 2018 Capital Projects Fund, in the amount of $991,308. Council continued action on the Notice of Award to the April 10th meeting to allow Town staff to complete value engineering of the project to keep the integrity of the design intact. In 2015, the Town Council reviewed the boulevard as an important corridor for pedestrian, bike and vehicular use.  Numerous public meetings and Town Council work sessions were held to finalize the streetscape uses and beautification program. The businesses adjoining Beaver Creek Boulevard from Lake Street to Christie Lodge in partnership with the Town, donated right-of-way easements for the improvements. The improvements will expand pedestrian walkways and build safe crossings, install bike lanes and provide landscaping.
  • Public Hearing on Preliminary PUD Application, Village at Avon
Council continued a public hearing about a Preliminary PUD land use application for the Village (at Avon) PUD to the April 10th meeting. The PUD would enact a series of changes to the PUD Guide for Planning Area F, a 13-acre property located at the intersection of Post Boulevard and East Beaver Creek Boulevard. The changes would include an increase to density allowance, an increase to maximum allowable residential development and an increase to allowable building height for multi-family buildings.
  • Public Hearing Second Reading of Ordinance 18-04, Amending the Avon Municipal Code to add Chapter 8.40 – Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Council approved Second Reading of Ordinance 18-04, adopting unmanned aircraft system regulations (aka “Drone Regulations”). The regulations restrict the following activities:
  • reckless operations,
  • use of drones with firearms or weapons,
  • use of drones for surveillance,
  • use of drones that interfere with police or emergency services,
  • launching, landing or operating drones from Town owned property without permission of Town,
  • launching, landing or operating drones from any real property without permission of the property owner,
  • use of drone to harass wildlife.
All Town Council meetings can be streamed live or viewed online in the days following the meeting at The Town Council’s next meeting is April 10th at 5:00 p.m. Agendas and packet materials can be found at For more information on the March 27th meeting or future meetings, please contact Preston Neill, Deputy Town Manager at (970) 748-4404 or

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