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For Immediate Release | January 11, 2017      
Contact:  Gary Padilla, Public Works Director
(970) 748-4118 |

Don’t Crowd the Plow!

Avon reminds residents and property owners of snowplow regulations

Avon, CO – With over 30 inches of snowfall in the last seven days, the Town of Avon Public Works Department and local snowplow contractors have been hard at work to keep the streets safe for travel. With more snow on the way, residents and property owners can help by following the Town’s snow removal policies:


  • Shovel your driveway: By Town ordinance, property owners and residents are responsible for maintaining their own driveways, parking areas and sidewalks.
  • Get a snowplow permit: Hired snowplow drivers are required to obtain a Town of Avon snowplow permit from the Town’s Public Works Department. Plow contractors are also required to have a flashing yellow light on the roof of the vehicle when engaged in snow removal activities.
  • Keep fire hydrants and utility boxes clear: Snow removal activities must not obstruct access to fire hydrants or utility boxes, and the cleared spaces around fire hydrants must be maintained.
  • Remove windrows from across driveways: It is the responsibility of home owners and property managers to remove the long lines of snow across driveways caused by snowplows.


  • Pass during tandem/echelon plowing: Tandem/echelon plowing staggers multiple plows to cover all lanes and clear the entire roadway in one sweep. This is the safest and most efficient snow removal method. It is extremely dangerous for motorists to try and pass plows in this formation.
  • Tailgate: Plows need to drop de-icer and sand, so make sure you stay back three to four car lengths of space. If you’re too close, de-icer and sand could hit your car. You also never know when a plow might need to suddenly stop—make sure you have plenty of room to do the same.
  • Pass on the right: Never a good idea! Plows are designed to push all the snow, slush, rocks and other debris to the right of the plow. All that debris could damage your car and temporarily blind you from seeing the roadway.
  • Push snow into roadways: By Town ordinance, snowplows and snow shovelers are not allowed to push or plow snow into public roadways.

To report an unsafe condition, apply for a snowplow permit, or for additional information, contact Gary Padilla at the Avon Public Works Department at (970) 748-4118 or

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Town of Avon Snowplow
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