Beaver Creek Boulevard Redesign

BC Blvd Flyer

Beaver Creek Boulevard Proposed Streetscape Improvement Plan
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Left Turn Analysis
As part of the redesign process, McDowell Engineering studied the trip generation forecases for the Sun Road and Beaver Creek Boulevard intersection to determine if left turn lanes will be warranted. The analysis takes Avon Center, Sheraton build out, and hotel on Lot B into account, and recommends no additional turn lanes. To see the complete study, click 

Revised Master Plan

Project History
Beaver Creek Boulevard

The Town of Avon has taken its next significant action in bringing walkability, bike safety, and parking and streetscape improvements to the Town core when it implemented a new test traffic pattern on East and West Beaver Creek Boulevard, from Lake Street to Beaver Creek Place during the summer of 2016. Monitoring the use of the street has given valuable information to Town officials as they determine the future of the corridor. The changes are aimed at testing the Town Council’s vision to create a more complete transportation system, demonstrating bicycle treatments that have the potential to increase safety and usability for all travelers. 

The test during the summer of 2016 included the following changes:
• Adding of on-street parking spaces, including back-in diagonal parking in front of the Post Office.
• Shortening pedestrian crossings.
• Reducing number of approach lanes to the Avon Road roundabout from three to two.
• Closing the Post Office entrance on Beaver Creek Boulevard. 

This test case was part of a larger project for the Boulevard, which will see widened sidewalks, modifications of roundabouts, additional on-street parking, improved storm-water treatment, consistent lighting, an east to west bike route through town, narrowed travel lanes, wayfinding signs, and landscaping improvements. The transformation of Beaver Creek Boulevard was recently supported by a Walkability Audit completed by world leading walkability expert Dan Burden of Bluezones.

On November 16th, an open house and public meeting was held concerning the Beaver Creek Boulevard Redesign Project. The purpose of the gathering was to review the information collected from previous stakeholder and public sessions and apply changes from the meetings to develop a new recommendation for the street design. It is anticipated that the proposed plan will be presented to Council at the February 28, 2017 meeting. When a design is finalized, the project will be priced and a schedule developed for the Town Council. The schedule is expected to include a bid and construction timeline in 2017, either in total or in phases into 2018. If more review and design time is needed, the schedule will be adjusted. 

Anyone wishing to add their comments to the public record can email .