Eagle Valley Trail--Avon Section

Eagle Valley Trail
Two of four remaining Avon sections of the Eagle Valley Trail were completed in the fall of 2014. Phase 1 and 2 consist of a paved trail from Avon Road and Hurd Lane across the Eagle River to Highway 6 and then across Beaver Creek.

The last two phases will connect to the Eagle Valley Trail at Stonebridge. This work is scheduled for 2016.

Once completed, the Eagle Valley Trail will connect the nine communities in the valley, as well as provide ties into regional transit routes and other trail systems in Eagle and adjoining counties.

This non-motorized recreational path, traveling by the Eagle River, is a notable amenity for both residents and guests, serving all ages.

Funding comes from the Town of Avon, ECO Trails, Great Outdoors Colorado, and the Colorado Department of Transportation.