Town of Avon Culture Statement

As employees of the Town of Avon, our workplace culture focuses on our own behaviors and skills that are necessary to ensure excellence in providing the public infrastructure and services for the support of private sector business operations and needs of our citizens and guests to go about their daily lives with ease and security. 

Town of Avon employees know that we work for a monopoly with no competitor businesses offering the same comprehensive services that we currently provide. We are keenly aware that each function of the Town can be outsourced to a private sector business or to another governmental agency. It is this “competitive” awareness, which causes us to be highly efficient and effective in our work and in the expenditure of Town resources. We are confident that we are the most qualified and cost effective provider of municipal infrastructure and services.

We maintain our competitive position through a culture of strong values and consistently high performing employees. 

VALUES: I, as a member of the Town of Avon team, fully understand and successfully practice these high ethical values and behaviors:

Honesty & Accountability – I am known for my candor and directness. I am quick to admit my mistakes. I am self-disciplined, self-aware and critically reflective for self-improvement. I am truthful, honest, and candid and expect the same from others. 

Integrity & Communication – I fully support open and transparent communication of information and ideas and, therefore, do not rely upon, promote or participate in innuendo, rumors or gossip. I treat people with respect and act with the utmost integrity in all situations. I honor confidential information and am disciplined with that privilege. I am a skilled listener so I can better understand and react appropriately. I am poised in stressful situations. 

Courage – I am willing to express my individual opinion, in a respectful and professional manner, even when it challenges the acceptable norm. I question actions inconsistent with our culture and values. My ideas and comments are expected to add value to decisions. 

Passion – I inspire others with my drive for excellence and exemplify the practice of kindness and compassion. I care intensely about Avon’s success and readily celebrate gains. I am proud to represent the “Heart of the Valley” while I strive to be better than I was yesterday.

Judgment – I make wise decisions and can think strategically despite uncertainty. I can state clearly what I am doing and the benefit of the work. As I gain knowledge and experience, I am granted greater freedom in decision-making.

Diversity – I embrace and appreciate that each person brings his or her own ideas, experiences, culture, knowledge, skills and opinions to interactions. I build a stronger organization by engaging this diversity. I do not discriminate and do not tolerate discriminatory behavior in others. 

HIGH PERFORMERS: We employ high performers in every position because we know talented, innovative high performers accomplish more, make fewer errors, and do not require a plethora of rules and procedures or layers of approvals to do his or her job exceptionally well. High performers are leaders of the workplace culture, scrupulously honest and genuinely committed to helping each other to be great. They are respected and learn from each other. As a high performing employee, I consistently demonstrate:

Collaboration – I am important to the thinking and decision-making process and the work done. I insist on inclusivity and work hard to break down barriers for the best ideas. I recognize that collaboration may take more time and brings forth a variety and diversity of ideas and viewpoints, which are needed to ensure that the right decisions are made. I am given the context in which to work and to participate in decision-making. I collaborate across departments and have a sense of shared responsibility. 

Camaraderie – I am responsible for the enjoyable, friendly, interconnected atmosphere and good-humored tone of the workplace. I have a key role in ensuring that my peers want to be at work every day. I am always approachable, polite and well-mannered. I express genuine gratitude to my peers and others for the work and privileges provided through my employment. I do not create conflict through my behavior. I know that situations outside of work legitimately influence moods and attitudes, but I leave these outside impacts at the door. I bring my best energy and spirit into work.

Work Ethic – I accomplish amazing amounts of important work each day. I am known for valuable results and my colleagues can always rely on me. I am self-motivated and highly disciplined. I am efficient and productive with sustained top-level work.

Curiosity, Creativity & Innovation – I am an eager learner. I am attentive and can discover practical solutions to difficult problems. I think in a manner that sees better approaches that prove useful. I take pride in minimizing complexity and finding ways to simplify processes so the work of the town is performed without waste. 

Selflessness – My ego is not my amigo. I seek what is best for Avon, rather than what is best for my division or myself. I identify inefficiencies and I promote a more productive workplace. I make time to help colleagues and see how I can be helpful when and wherever I can. I am responsible for the unity of our employees and work towards the ultimate success of myself, my co-workers and the Town.

Decision-making Authority & Risk-taking – As I learn my job and invest in my own growth, I am granted greater freedom to make decisions in the work and manner of work done. I recognize written rules and procedures, but I am encouraged to make independent decisions. I am pleased to belong to a culture that is committed to training, contextual understanding and support for measured risk-taking so that new approaches can be tested. Supervisors articulate and inspire around strategies and expected results. 

PAY FOR PERFORMANCE: We are honest about only employing talented and high performing individuals. 

Salary & Development – We foster professional development. We are committed to paying the highest competitive “top-of-the-range” salary within the first five years of employment. However, employees understand that unforeseen events can occur and salaries may become tied to these events; this can affect the rate at which “top-of-the-range” salaries are implemented. Some positions will see greater financial gains depending on these markets. The market analysis is done on an annual basis.

Retention & Promotion – We only retain employees who we know we would fight to keep, if they were offered another similar job elsewhere. We understand and support someone leaving Avon for an opportunity that we could not offer him or her. Promotions into management only happen when there is a need for a management position and the person being promoted is a superstar in his or her current position.

As a self–reflecting, dynamic organization, we are committed to continuously reviewing our culture to ensure that we maintain our strong values, high performance and competitive pay.