Citizen's Police Academy

  1. Citizen's Police Academy
  2. Latino Citizen's Academy

The Citizens’ Police Academy is a multi-week program conducted annually with an average of 15-20 attendees. Is designed to familiarize Citizens with the “how/what/why” of Police procedures, and provide an opportunity interact and ask Officers questions.  The Academy is complemented by Latino Citizen's Academy, which is a similar program offered in Spanish.The Citizens’ Academies do their best to reflect current themes and topics, and encourage discussion of how the Police operate in general.

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Citizen's Police Academy Schedule

Class 1:

    • Chief Daly - State of the Police Department & Crime in Avon
    • Detective Holmstrom & Hassinger– Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), participants will have hands on experience investigating a crime scene.

Class 2:

    • Tour of the Colorado Mountain College Glenwood Spring Campus Police Academy - Firearms Training Simulator (FATS), participants will be given computer simulation of shoot or don’t shoot situations and be required to react as a police officer in compliance with the use of force policy.  

Class 3:

    • Detective Hassinger & Officer Briggs & Officer T. Baldwin - Drug Recognition and DUI enforcement, participants will learn how to evaluate the sobriety of an individual and perform tests on an intoxicated person.

Class 4:

    • Chief Daly, Detective Sgt. Lovins, S.W.A.T., participants will learn about the Eagle County Special Operations Unit.
    • Chief Daly – Self Defense, participants will be taught basic self-defense techniques.

Class 5:

    • Tour of the Eagle County Jail.

Class 6:

    • An evening with firearms instructor's at the firing range.