Roads and Bridges

The Road and Bridge Division is responsible for maintenance of over 60 lane miles of roadway, six bridges, four railroad overpasses and crossings, eight miles of sidewalk, and over 25 miles of gravel shoulder and ditch lines.

We conduct the following activities:
  • Snow plowing
  • Road repair
  • Bridge work
  • Road stripping
  • Guardrail repair
  • Cross walk / sidewalk repair
  • Lighting repair
  • Traffic control
  • Trail construction
  • Sign production

Winter Driving Tips
It is important to be prepared for winter driving conditions in the mountains anytime from October through April. Drivers are reminded to: 
    • Have your snow tires put on before October 1st and leave them on through April.  These should either be studded or good quality all-season radials.
    • Always clear snow and frost off of your windows before entering the public road.
    • Travel at safe speeds; this may be well below the posted speed limit.
    • Icy spots can occur even when air temperatures are above 35F.  Assume wet-looking areas are black ice and slow down in advance.
    • Give snow plows the right of way.  Never get too close behind a snow plow or to pass a snow plow on a 2-lane road.  This is dangerous and illegal.
    • Know your vehicle and how it handles on snow and ice. Rear-wheel drive cars are not recommended.

    To report hazardous driving conditions contact Gary Padilla at (970) 748-4118.

    1. Gary Padilla

      Director of Public Works
      Phone: (970) 748-4118

    2. Public Works Department

      Physical Address
      500 Swift Gulch Road
      P.O. Box 975
      Avon, CO 81620

      Phone: (970) 748-4100
      Fax: (970) 748-1958

      Hours of Operation
      7:00 am - 4:00 pm
      Monday - Friday